Don't know where to even start with potty training your child?

  • Uncertain about which resources - your friend, the internet, your aunt - to trust?
  • Worried about cleaning up mess after mess after mess?
  • Afraid your child is just too difficult to potty train?
  • Lack the action plan to get your child potty trained?
I'm here to give you exactly what you need to get potty training DONE with a game plan that is backed by science and used with all children!

Let me help you on this journey!

I'm Laura Lynn LaPointe: potty training expert, mama of two, and host of The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast.

And I'm your go-to gal for all things potty training! Why?

Not only have I potty trained my own child and helped numerous parents in their potty training journey, but I use a method that is based on science and makes sense!

So let's kick this potty training in the butt TOGETHER, shall we?!

With Potty Training Made Easy you have a proven step-by-step process to follow.

I'll take you from having no idea to being DONE with potty training so easily. 

  • You feel RELIEVED that you have an action plan to follow and no guesswork to fret over.

  • You're EXCITED to tackle potty training with ease. 

  • And you're definitely ready to be done with DIAPERS.

This Ain't Your Typical Potty Training Course

With exactly the content you need to feel PREPARED and EMPOWERED to begin potty training with your child TODAY!


This course is made up of teaching modules which include a variety of topics, like:

prepping & planning for potty training

the step-by-step process

living life outside of potty training

... to name a few!  


Let me take the guesswork out for you and walk with you each step of the way to get your child potty trained! 

That's right! We're on this journey together, and I'll be with you as we move through the step-by-step process.


Included are the printable documents that you need to help get your child successfully potty trained!

These printables are like your best friend next door... always got your back and there for those quick reminders so you can be DONE with potty training for good!

All for just $47!

These are the things you may be asking yourself right now: 

Is now the right time? Do I really have time to ditch the diapers?               

For some extra time up front, think about all of the time you will save by having a fully potty trained toddler! No more wasted time changing diapers and searching the internet for the right method. Doesn't that extra time and freedom sound amazing?!

Why should I spend $47 when I could just search the internet for how to potty train?     

Let's be honest... do you really have time to waste googling, searching, and trolling through conflicting information online? Plus, think about the money you'll save on diapers and wipes... that's at least $75 a month. And in less than a month's savings of diapers and wipes, the course will pay for itself! Which means, after that, you've got that cash back in your pocket.

   Will this course actually work for me and my kid?                          

Science-backed strategies are great because they are based on science... so they work! Did I mention that I've used the strategies from the course with my own child... who is potty trained! Enough said. 

Are you ready for potty training to be EASY and DONE? Sign up today!

Tired of feeling uncertain about how to potty train your child? Look no further! This course will walk you through the tried and true STEP-BY-STEP process of potty training and includes the exact content you need to help make your potty training experience a breeze!

Choose your level of support below to get started right now!

  • Ditch the diapers & take on potty training with ease
  • Feel empowered knowing the exact steps to take to get your child potty trained
  • Enjoy the freedom of not cleaning up messes and diapers

Frequently Asked Questions

This course includes:

  • Video modules explaining the ins and outs and step-by-step process of potty training;
  • Printable supporting documents, such as a supplies checklist, a potty sit schedule, and the step-by-step process; and
  • Content delivered by a Potty Training Expert and seasoned mama

This course is made up of a handful of modules which include the following topics:

  • Preparing for potty training
  • A Step-by-Step guide 
  • Considerations for naptimes, outings, and bedtime
  • Transitioning out of potty training

The length of potty training depends on two things: 1) your child and 2) the amount of time dedicated to potty training.

Each child is different; some children may potty train in three days while others take a bit longer. Some children move through the potty training process easily while other children have a more difficult time and require a bit more assistance. Regardless, if you follow the guidelines outlined in the course, your child will most likely make progress.

The length of potty training also depends on the amount of time dedicated to training, especially on the first day of potty training. Always remember that the more consistent we are with training, the more likely our children will pick up these new skills. It is recommended to dedicate 4 hours of potty training on the first day. 

Once you purchase the course, the course and it's content are available to you immediately. It is recommended to start at the beginning and move through the modules in order. During your potty training journey, you can revisit any of the videos for quick refreshers! 

Are you ready for potty training to be easy & done?


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