The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 74: Is It Normal for My Kid to Have Mini Tantrums

behavior podcast tantrums Aug 18, 2020

Hi there and welcome back! Today’s episode is the second episode in our new behavior series, the “is it normal for my kid…” series. And today we are talking about tantrums. Your ears perked up, didn’t they?! Every parent has dealt with a tantrum at one time or another, or maybe even dealt with a tantrum every single day. But what we all parents have in common is that we are not big fans of these tantrums, whether they are little tantrums or the really big ones. From minor tantrums that include the whining, pouting, baby talk, and pretending to be mad face to the bigger tantrums that can last more than a four minutes with crying, screaming, and not following our directions, we want to get rid of these tantrums and never see them again. Am I right?! So, in today’s episode we’re going to talk all about tantrums, especially those mini minor tantrums, so we can get ahold of them and figure out how...

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