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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 106: When You Should NOT Begin Potty Training

We talk all the time about potty training, about what you should do, about how you should go about doing it, about important things to remember. And yes, here on the podcast we’ve talked about when you SHOULD begin potty training… about those ever important signs of readiness. 

But today on the show I want to talk about when you should NOT begin potty training your toddler. There are some very important factors to consider when trying to decide if now is the right time to potty train your toddler, and I don’t want you to glaze over these important details, even though they seem insignificant. 

There are definitely some times that you should NOT begin potty training. If you do jump into potty training during these times, well, it may not turn out very well for you and your toddler, and then the dreaded potty training takes longer than anyone would ever want. 

You don’t want to wear those shoes....

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 95: Why I Followed a Potty Training Schedule & Why You Should Too

You know I love supporting you with potty training, and because I potty trained my own toddler late summer just this past year, all of the questions of how to potty trained are freshly on my mind. 

And, because it’s winter and most people are stuck inside during these cold months (and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic), I’m seeing a lot of parents like you asking the typical potty training questions. 

Should I wait until my child is older? 

Should I let him do it on his own time? 

Is it a good or bad idea to push potty training? 

There could be a million potty training questions that boils down to HOW-TO POTTY TRAIN. 

Today, I want to answer one of those very common potty training questions: should I follow a potty training schedule or should I let it come naturally? 

I’ll talk about the difference between both of those options, all of the options in between, and give you...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 55: When Tension is High: Managing Behavior with Schedules

covid-19 podcast schedules Mar 31, 2020

Hello, hello! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. This week I am continuing with sharing tips, advice, and support for you parents during this COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of us, and most of us parents in the United States, now hold the responsibility of continuing the education of our children at home. Aside from the financial crisis we may face, our fears about becoming ill, and the burden of working from home with kids around, acquiring the new lifestyle of becoming “teacher” can be extremely daunting. That’s why in this episode I’m talking all about the one thing that can help you educate your children with ease, minimize those unwanted behaviors, and help you acquire this new teacher lifestyle with simplicity. 

Before we got to the show, I want to share with you another great resource I have for these trying times. If you need new ideas of activities for keeping your kids busy so you can have a...

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