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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 139: Ditch the Stickers! Effectively Using Rewards in Potty Training

Newsflash! I have one major beef about using rewards within potty training: using them ineffectively. Nothing drives me more mad. 

So today on the show I want to talk about how to effectively use rewards within potty training and what you should watch out for when using stickers and those potty sticker charts to help teach the skill of potty training. 

Now let me help you use rewards within potty training so they actually work. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn reviews why you should consider using rewards to help teach the skill of potty training; 
  • She discusses how sticker charts are used within potty training and why they may not be the best idea for your child; 
  • She shares multiple tips for how to use rewards in potty training to help get your toddler potty trained for good! 


Let’s dive into potty training! Schedule a free 30-minute call with me so we can...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 129: Reward Systems with Toddlers: A Case Study

podcast rewards strategies Sep 14, 2021

Have you ever thought about using a reward system  for your toddler or preschooler? 

Maybe bedtime battles are killing you right now. Or maybe you’d appreciate a happier morning routine. Maybe you’ve got a toddler who keeps getting out of his bed at naptime, or mealtimes have become a big pain in the butt. 

Whatever specific moment or situation is eating into your skin right now, maybe you’ve considered using a reward system. Or maybe you haven’t. 

I've implemented multiple reward systems with my toddler and they have all been incredibly effective. But the best reward system is the one that won me my time and my freedom back, not to mention my peace of mind. 

If you’ve ever considered a reward system or you have an unwanted and undesirable situation brewing with your toddler right now, this episode is for you. Today I’ll be sharing the ins and outs of the reward system that...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 44: The TRUTH About Rewarding Your Kid

parenting podcast rewards Jan 14, 2020

Laura Lynn LaPointe here! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! Today’s episode is about rewarding our children. Hmm, rewards. That’s a hot topic word for a lot of parents. For you personally, maybe you’re timid to begin using rewards. Or maybe you believe that rewards ruin your kids and make them spoiled. Or maybe you’re avoiding the wrath from other parents or family members who are against rewards. So today, let me tell you the truth about rewarding your kids. And don’t forget to check out my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course which includes module all about using rewards effectively. The price of the course increases from $49 to $79 TOMORROW! 

Like I said, the word “reward” can be a hot topic word. Some believe that rewards spoil our kids. We may not use rewards because we are avoiding judgement from others. Or really, maybe we don’t use rewards with our...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 38: Winning the Mindset Battle of Using Rewards with Our Kids

parenting podcast rewards Dec 03, 2019

Hi there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! If you use rewards with your kids - for good behavior, to complete chores, for homework completion, to go to bed without a fight, or what have you - you likely have the feelings that most parents have: doubt, worry, questioning the use of the rewards. So in today’s episode, I’m going to talk all about that mindset piece of using rewards and walk you through how to turn that doubt into the confidence you desire. Oh, and I want to remind you about my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course

As parents, we tend to have a lot of negative feelings surrounding using rewards with our kids. We question ourselves and our parenting. Do other kids use rewards? Why can’t my child do X without a reward? Will my child need a reward forever? Is there something wrong with my parenting? 

To help curb this negative parenting mindset, the first thing we...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 18: 3 Major Mess-Ups When Using Rewards

behavior podcast rewards Jul 02, 2019

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Hi there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! 

Today I want to talk about the three major mess-ups that we make when using rewards with our kids. If you want to get the biggest bang out of rewards with your kids, then listen up! 

#1 The size of the reward doesn’t match the difficulty or size of the behavior 

If you worked 40 hours a week and only earned $1 total, would you go back to work the next week? Probably not. The same is true with our kids! They aren’t going to be motivated by a reward that is way too small for a really difficult behavior. 

If we outline for our child to do chores every day like making his bed, taking out the trash, feeding the dog, and cleaning up the dishes after dinner, do you think that he will be motivated everyday by a high-five or extra TV time. I agree; extra TV time is probably a better reward for our child in this situation. 

On the...

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