The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 189: Signs of Reactive Parenting & Why You Want to Get Out of It

behavior parenting podcast Nov 15, 2022

Reactive parenting.

Maybe most of us couldn’t give it a dictionary-worthy definition, but we all know what it looks like. 

What comes to mind is the image of a parent lashing out, yelling at, at waving her fists at her kid following some unwanted behavior the child does, but reactive parenting can be much more subtle than this. 

For all of us parents, we likely have some reactive tendencies simply because we’re quick to respond, especially when we’ve got a lot on our mind and are doing a million things at once. So whether your reactive parenting is subtle or not so subtle, I want to talk about the signs of reactive parenting, the signs of proactive parenting, and some reasons for why proactive parenting is going to be the best approach for you and your child.  

Remember, I help you make parenting easier. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn reviews the signs of reactive parenting and the reasons for why you want to get out of it; 
  • She explains the signs of proactive parenting and why this is likely the parenting approach you want to adopt; and  
  • She shares why it’s common to have moments of reactive parenting, so no need to feel guilty because of it. 


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