The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 183: When to Change Your Potty Training Method (& When NOT To)

Are you considering switching up or changing the potty training method that you are using with your child? 

Maybe you thought your child would get the hang of this whole potty thing right away, but that’s not what it’s looking like, considering that you’re cleaning up pee pee accidents more times in a day than you’d like to count. 

A parent recently asked me if she should switch the more hands-off potty training method that she was using with her son to a much more structured method. The conversation was so enlightening that I wanted to share with you all here so that you’re not left second guessing yourself if you should do something different about potty training.  

Should you change up your potty training method? Let’s find out. Let’s head to the show.


  • Laura Lynn describes the reasons for when you should change your potty training method
  • She shares some of the typical ways that you can change your method if your child is not making progress; and 
  • She shares when you may NOT want to change your potty training method


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