The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 176: The How-To for Naptime Potty Training

nap podcast potty training Aug 16, 2022

You’ve conquered the daytime potty training - or are in the midst of conquering it - and now you’re wondering how the heck do you get your child potty trained for nap. 

If you’ve followed my daytime potty training plan, what I recommend for naptime is going to sound quite familiar to you because a lot of the strategies that you use for daytime training you will also use for naptime training. 

The steps are simple, the how-to is simple, and you’ll gleam a lot from today’s episode as I review the how-to for naptime potty training. 

Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn outlines five strategies to follow for successful  naptime potty training; 
  • She reviews how some of your child’s learned daytime potty training skills can carry over to naptime training and make the process easier for you; and 
  • She shares what notes or data you can collect during daytime potty training to help you determine when to begin naptime potty training. 


There’s a lot more to potty training than the typical daytime potty training that most parents think of. The whole potty training process is a lot easier when you have an expert who can give you the how-to, give you the rundown, and support you through it. Sign up for a free call with me to learn how my Coaching Program for Moms can help you potty train in ease:

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