The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 175: Ease the Transition: Prepping Your Child to Return to School

podcast school strategies Aug 09, 2022

Summer is coming to an end and it’s about time to send your toddler back to preschool - or maybe to preschool for the first time. 

I’ve really, really enjoyed the extra time with my kids at home this summer, much more than I was anticipating, so sending my oldest back to preschool will be a bit of an adjustment for the first month or so. 

So today I want to talk about easing that transition, preparing our kiddos to go back to preschool. I’ll be sharing some specific action steps you can take to help prepare them mentally and physically for that school-time season. 

Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn outlines five easy ways you can physically and mentally prepare your child to transition back to preschool; 
  • She shares another person you may need to mentally and physically prepare for this transition; and 
  • She shares how she’s personally feeling about this transition with her own kid. 


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