The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 155: The Potty Dance Dilemma: How to Get Your Child to Request the Potty

Does your toddler do the potty dance? 

Even if your child is wearing underwear and is mostly or completely potty trained, she may still be doing the potty dance. 

When she has to go potty, she may fidget and dance around. Or she may walk around in a funny way because she’s trying to hold it. Or she even could be holding herself because she has to go potty but won’t go to the bathroom, or won’t tell you. 

This is one of the MOST frequent issues that mamas come to me with. Their child is fully potty trained, she doesn’t have accidents, she’s wearing underwear all day, and yet she won’t ever tell you that she needs to go. 

Why is it that your child does this potty dance, is fully potty trained, and won’t tell you that she needs to go? And what can you do about it? That’s what we’ll be talking about today. 


  • Laura Lynn explains the reason for why a child can be fully potty trained but not request the need to go sit on the potty; 
  • She shares why it’s so important for newly potty trained children to have the skill of requesting the bathroom; and 
  • She describes how to teach your child to request the potty during potty training AND if your child is already potty trained. 


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