The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 152: When the Child-Led Potty Training Method Isn’t Working

Parenting should come with a manual, shouldn’t it? 

While that seems like a great idea and an opportunity that someone should have jumped on a long time ago, the reality of it is that every child is an individual. That means they have their individual personalities, their individual preferences, their individual idiosyncrasies, and their individual needs. 

It’s true for potty training as well. You may be holding a so-called potty training “manual” or book, you’ve followed it to a T, and yet your toddler is still not potty trained. What gives? 

If you’re in the boat of using more of a child-led or child-initiated potty training method and it’s just not doing the trick, your toddler is still not getting the hang of it after a good consistent effort, keep listening to this episode. 

Today I will be sharing what to do next if that child-led potty training method isn’t cutting it and you’re ready to have your child become potty trained already, with their individual needs, personalities, preferences, and all. 

Let’s go to the show.


  • Laura Lynn explains the differences between a child-led potty training method and a parent-led potty training method
  • She shares the typical issues children may experience when the child-led potty training method isn’t working for them; and 
  • She outlines how you can remedy your child’s struggles with the child-led potty training method to get them back on potty training track. 


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