The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 144: My Biggest Struggle in Parenting & How I Plan to Move Forward

We are wrapping up this year, and with the end of one year comes the beginning of another year. 

With a new year comes new goals, aspirations, improvements, and well-being. 

So today on the show I want to share with you my personal reflection of my parenting this past year, specifically my biggest struggle with parenting two young toddlers, and how I plan to move forward so that the struggle doesn’t stay as a struggle. 

I’m certain you’ll feel me in the struggle that I share today. You’re not alone. 

Let’s go to the show.


  • Laura Lynn shares where she struggles in her parenting as it relates to parenting two young toddlers; 
  • She explains the process she used to discover the solutions to overcome her common parenting struggles; and 
  • She shares the ways she plans to move forward in her struggles and how she plans to make improvements to her parenting journey


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