The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 136: Potty Training Around the Holidays: What You Need to Consider

With the holidays just shortly around the corner, you may find yourself with some time off and a toddler who is ready to be potty trained. 

Summer is always a big time for parents to jump into potty training, but the holiday season may also be a pretty popular time to get potty training done. 

If you’re thinking it may be go-time for your toddler and potty training, keep listening to today’s episode. We’ll be talking about some important things you need to consider with potty training around the holidays and how to best prepare.

Now let’s chat about potty training during the holiday season. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares the one question you need to ask yourself when trying to decide if you should potty train your toddler during the holiday season; 
  • She explains the things you should consider for potty training your toddler over the holidays; and 
  • She provides multiple ways that you can begin to prepare for potty training over the holidays.


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