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Laura Lynn LaPointe, Parent Coach

Parenting resources that can be easily implemented, effortlessly understood, and available when you need them most


Laura Lynn LaPointe, Parent Coach

As a Parent Coach, Mama, and Potty Training Expert, I help parents like you to learn, understand, and use effective parenting strategies that are easy to implement and can make a positive impact with you and your child TODAY! 

Tired of having questions about parenting your child and uncertain about where to find trusted answers? Look no further! As a Parent Coach, I coach you through the toddler years in ease to help you create your confident parenting life full of the best parenting strategies out there! And, of course, I use all of these strategies in my own home with my family, and let me tell you... THEY WORK! These best practice strategies are EFFECTIVE and easy to implement -- tried and true, proven over and over again! 

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Are you about to embark on the wonderful adventure of potty training?! Potty training can be SO overwhelming but here I make it easy! Get instant FREE access to my 5 Secrets to Potty Training SUCCESS! to get started TODAY! 

Grab a FREE copy of my 5 Secrets to Potty Training SUCCESS!

Get your potty training journey started TODAY with these 5 important secrets to potty training success!

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Parenting doesn't have to be hard... here, I make it easy!

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Tired of pulling out your hair over failed attempts of dealing with those pesky child behavior problems? Here you'll find helpful strategies, tips, and secrets to maintaining your parenting confidence and living the parenting life you've always imagined!

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When Your Kid Acts Out: 3 Easy Parenting Hacks to Make It Stop

No one wants to do it alone. Here I can help you make it easy with my 3 Easy Parenting Hacks!


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